Larry Norman

16 Aug

Larry Norman at Cornerstone: July 7, 2001.

Listed above are some web sites that are links to my book Jesus Rocks The World: The Definitive History of Contemporary Christian Music, as well as the table of contents from both volumes 1 & 2.

Table of Contents:

Volume 1:

1 Setting the Stageβ€”Some Prehistory
2 The 1960sβ€”Act 1
3 The 1960sβ€”Act 2
4 The Beginning of Calvary Chapel
5 The Genesis of Love Song and Maranatha!
6 Maranatha! and Its Artists
7 Jesus Music
8 Billy Ray Hearn and Sparrow Records
9 Larry Norman and Solid Rock
10 Crossover Artists
11 A Christian Love Storyβ€”Keith and Melody Green
12 The Roman Catholic Contingent
13 Barry McGuire
14 The 1980sβ€”Act 1
15 Amy Grant
16 Reunion
17 In the Beginning Was Word

Appendix 1: Word Records Discography

Volume 2:

1 The British CCM Scene
2 The 1980sβ€”Act 2
3 Black Christian Music
4 AndraΓ© Crouch
5 The 1990s
6 Jars of Clay
7 The Christian Music Industry
8 Pete Furler, the Newsboys, and Festival Con Dios
9 Christian Heavy Metal
10 Alisa Childers and ZOEgirl
11 CCM in the 21st Century and Music Festivals
12 The Rock and Worship Roadshow
13 Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender CCM
14 Larry Norman’s Swan Songβ€”Cornerstone 2001
15 Worship Music

Appendix 1: 100 Essential Contemporary Christian Music Albums
Appendix 2: Thom Granger’s 100 Greatest Christian Albums


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