Family Force Five

18 Aug

Family Force Five

Family Force Five is a 21st century Christian band that has managed to garner fans from both inside and outside the church. Their loud, brash, in your face brand of metallic/rap/rock places them in the same genre with secular music artists like Kid Rock or Rage Against the Machine. The fact that they have appeared at secular music festivals, like β€œVans Warped Tour,” is all the proof that you need to understand that they have mastered the essential musical techniques needed to entertain the youth of today.

At the same time they appear at just about every Christian festival around the world from the Flevo Festival in the Netherlands to Cornerstone in the USA, with appearances at churches and Christian concerts at a variety of venues. The band is from Atlanta, Georgia and the father of 3 of its members is Jerome Olds, a CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) artist, who had a successful career in the 1980s. Family Force Five is also described as a Christian dance band. The funny thing is, back in the early 1970s, when I was attending Bible college, I had to sign a form stating that while I was a student there, I would not participate in a variety of activities including β€œdancing!” However, even then I felt that it was wrong to exclude dancing, since King David publiclyΒ danced before the Lord in 2 Samuel chapter 6.

So they dance, along with the audience, if it wants to, to some of the most intense bass thumping, bass drum booming guitar screeching rock & roll that the church has ever heard within its wall. Their second album, released in 2008 was titled Dance or Die. At the same time, their lyrics are Christian, to anyone familiar with the Bible, but then how many people have read the Bible enough to know everything that it says. So because the melodies are so genuinely danceable, and insanely infectious to people who like the sound of bands like Limp Bizkit, with songs like β€œCountry Gentlemen” and β€œLove Addict,” the lyrics become secondary. However, the lyrics still influence, and influence is what Jacob, Joshua, and Solomon Olds do, along with Derek Mount and Nathan Currin. Solomon β€œSoul Glow Activator” Olds is the lead singer.

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