Jars of Clay

22 Aug


The Jars of Clay are a Christian alternative music group with fans both inside and outside of the Church. When they released their first album, Frail, in 1995, it was picked up by secular alternative radio stations who were giving airplay to cuts like β€œFlood,” and even promoting the band’s concert appearances. The band core is a quartet of musicians, who met at Greeneville College, in Greenville, Illinois, made up of guitarists, Steve Mason and Matt Odmark, Keyboardist Charlie Lowell, and singer Dan Haseltine. Their name is derived from 2 Corinthians 4:7, which states, β€œBut we have this treasure in Jars of ClayΒ to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.” (NASB)

The Jars of Clay have won Grammy and Dove Awards and been featured in all the top entertainment magazines, television variety shows, and even film soundtracks. At the same time they have a clear vision of their purpose being two fold as they both entertain and present the gospel of Jesus Christ. Since their modus-operandi requires everyone to be present for composition creation, the discipline of setting aside time and being there to become a complete unit has resulted in their development as even more proficient songwriters. They have created some of the most enduring melodies of the early 21st century with songs like the β€œ11th Hour” and β€œLight Gives Heat.” At the same time they’ve become involved in a campaign of awareness for the growing AIDs epidemic in Africa and even the former Soviet Union, through a ministry called β€œBlood Water Mission.” The Jars of Clay are a 21st century band of Christian musicians who exemplify what the gospel of Jesus Christ is, in the same spirit that Jesus movement artists like Oden Fong, Keith Green, and Anne Herring did.


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