U2 Elevation Tour: The Biggest Christian Rock Band in the world

7 May

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U2 formed in the late 1970s, when its members, Paul Hewson (Bono) lead vocalist, David Evans (Edge) lead guitar and keyboards, Adam Clayton bass, and Larry Mullen Jr. drums, were still in high school. They were influenced by the Jesus movement that impacted Great Brittan and Ireland, as they studied the Bible, prior to the release of their first album, Boy. October, the second album was sold in Christian book stores and the band was written up in CCM and other Christian magazines. The band was invited to headline the Greenbelt Christian rock festival in Great Brittan in 1981, and the song Gloria, off the album, connected them with their predecessor Van Morrison and established their ability to bridge the gap between the sacred and the profane. Gloria is a song about teenage lust, but at the same time it’s part of the Roman Catholic Mass, and both versions were incorporated. After Joshua Tree was released in 1987, the band hit a level of popularity that has only augmented over time. Over the decades they have continued to produce sonically excellent commercially successful music, with lyrics that inspire and instruct their fans to a compassionate response to the world’s problems.


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