Samson Prophesied 9/11

29 May


Chapter One: Bible Study About Judges Chapter 16.

By: Bob Gersztyn

Opening Prayer: Our Being

Our Omni-Being who inhabits another dimensional realm,

That transcends the limits of our conscious mind and volition,

Your unknowable name is sacred to us,

May the reality of your sphere of existence, coincide with our dimensional plane,

Provide our transitional vehicles with nourishment,

And reciprocate with us as we reciprocate with other sentient beings,

Guide us towards a positive energy flow, and diminish our negative energy voids,

This is your reality and positive energy flow, fading into infinity.



Turn with me in your Bibles to the book of Judges, Chapter 16. This is the last of 4 chapters that contain the biography of one of the popular characters from out of the Old Testament, or TeNaK if you’re Jewish. It is the story of Samson, one of the Judges that pre-dated the prophets, that began with the reign of king David, a hundred years later. Samson, the son of Manoah, was a Nazarite from birth, which gave him divine strength. This meant that his hair could not be cut, nor could he drink any alcohol, nor eat anything unclean. In return for these abstinences, Samson possessed Herculean strength.

However, his one vice was women, and a woman was the one who brought about his fall from grace. Her name was Delilah, and she tricked Samson into revealing his uncut hair as the source of his super human strength. She sold the information to Samson’s enemies, the Philistines, who were actually early Greek settlers in Gaza, that had 5 city states. They poked out Samson’s eyes and chained him to a millstone that he pushed around to grind wheat to make bread.

After a while Samson’s hair grew out again, around the same time that the lords of the Philistines decided that they needed to have a public holiday celebrating the defeat and subjugation of Samson. So everyone gathered at the temple of their god, Dagon, who was a merman, since the Philistines were known as the Sea People.

The text says that the place was full of all the lords of the Philistines along with 3,000 men and women watching from on top of the roof. Then they decided to get Samson out of confinement to gloat over his demise and their victory. A little boy led the blind prisoner to the two central pillars that supported the stone building. The Philistines praised Dagon for proving that he was more powerful than Yahweh, while they ridiculed, humiliated, and laughed at Samson and his God’s impotence.

Samson burned with righteous anger and prayed to Yahweh and asked Him to provide the strength needed to avenge the loss of his sight, while committing suicide. Yahweh granted Samson his wish and he brought the house down, killing more people with his suicidal death then he did in all the battles of his lifetime. After this he was buried with honor and revered as a hero in his culture, in Christianity, and in Western civilization. However, after I read this passage on September 12, 2001, I asked myself the question, β€œwhat is the difference between Mohamed Atta (‑) and Samson the son of Manoah?”

‑  Mohammed Atta was the ringleader of the 9/11 airline hijackers who flew the plane he pirated into the north tower of the world trade center, killing nearly 3,000 people as he praised Allah.



May the Omni-Being be with you and your essential energy flow, radiating into infinity.


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