The Wittenburg Door

27 Jun


After the Lord opened the door for me to become a music journalist, and I was publishing articles and photos in secular publications, I decided to submit some ideas to my favorite theological publication, that I had read for 20 years, the Wittenburg Door. The importance of this publication in the evolution of my own faith in Christianity and the Lord Jesus Christ cannot be underestimated. Next to reading the Bible, Bible College, and church, this was the next most important source of information. It directed me to books and music that told stories about what I considered my faith that turned it inside out. So it was with great anticipation that I waited for their response to my inquiry letter.

I mailed my first submission to themΒ in February 1998, while I was in Michigan for my mother’s funeral. I didn’t hear back from them until nearly Christmas, with a letter of apology. It seems that my certified priority package ended up in the dead letter office, in Waco, Texas, even after someone at the Door, signed for it. This was confusing, but it really didn’t matter now, because they invited me to submit my work. The first article I got published was in the late 1990s. It was an interview with Wavy Gravy, the humanitarian counter-culture figure who was the MC at Woodstock, and who ran the biggest hippie commune in the 1960s. After that I began to publish my work in the Door on a regular basis and became their staff photographer and a contributing editor. These are some of the on-line interviews that are still in the archives.

Tory Bezazian (former Scientology minister for 30 years) July/Aug 2002.

Dennis McNally (Grateful Dead Publicist and Biographer) Nov/Dec 2003.

Andrae Crouch (Modern Gospel pioneer and former L.I.F.E. Bible College student) Mar/Apr 2004.

Jars of Clay (Alternative Christian Rock Group) Nove/Dec 2004.

Dee Dee Warren (Theology Web Creator) June 2005.

Randy Stonehill (Christian Rock Pioneer) Dec 2005.

Russell Rathbun (Author) Oct 2006.

Emilio Castillo (Tower of Power leader) Dec 2006.

This is the Wittenburg Door’s main website, which is still online.

In it I have interviews with:

Dog – The Bounty Hunter (Reality TV show star)

Bo Diddley (Rock Pioneer)

Authors of the Same Kind of Different As Me.

There are also a number of other articles that I wrote, that you can find if you want to look.

2 Responses to “The Wittenburg Door”

  1. Robert Darden July 4, 2013 at 8:05 AM #

    Bob was one of the very best interviewers The Door ever had. He was fearless. He’d ask anybody anything. He was professional, pleasant to work with, and always, always concerned with Truth. I was his editor during the years he worked for the magazine and I’ll always be grateful for Bob.

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