3 Jul

ImageImageImageOpening Prayer: Our Being

Our Omni-Being who inhabits another dimensional realm,

That transcends the limits of our conscious mind and volition,

Your unknowable name is sacred to us,

May the reality of your sphere of existence, coincide with our dimensional plane,

Provide our transitional vehicles with nourishment,

And reciprocate with us as we reciprocate with other sentient beings,

Guide us towards a positive energy flow, and diminish our negative energy voids,

This is your reality and positive energy flow, fading into infinity.


On July 9, 2013, I will be married to my wife Kathy since that date in 1971, 42 years earlier. Since that time we’ve had an adventure together that has taken us from one end of the USA, to the other, multiple times, just like Jack Kerouac, who I read, in the middle of everything. I first saw Kathy Kolad in early December 1965, when she became employed by Beech Pattern & Tool Company, in Detroit, Michigan, on Mt. Elliott, just South of 7 Mile Rd., at the beginning of the industrial hallway, that proceeded past Mt. Olivet Cemetery, where my little brother David was buried, and Plymouth Gear & Axle, where my father worked.

The first time that I saw her, my heart leaped inside me, and I fell in love. Over the following months, I attempted to make a connection with her and got her phone number. After talking to her on the phone, I failed to procure a date and then I was drafted into the army. While serving in the military I corresponded with Kathy a couple of times, and even said hello when I came home on leave after basic training, but I soon forgot about her, during the trials and tribulations of military life. By the summer of 1969 IΒ  was no longer in the army and had transformed myself from a Detroit grease to a Bohemian hippie and once again asked Kathy Kolad for a date. This time she said yes, and our relationship began. That relationship is my life, because together we are one, and nothing is better than that.

I would never try to say that marriage is easy, or utopian, but for me there is no choice, because for me nothing is worse than being alone. However, no matter how much you may love your mate, there is always a separation, but on occasion that wall dissolves and there is nothing better. Everyone is different, so the catalyst for the culmination of their relationship may as well, but I think that the primary one is pure animal lust sex.

It is nearly impossible to become sexually aroused by someone that you hate and loathe, or are angry with. Therefore, in order for you to have regular sex with your mate, you must exercise forgiveness, prior to letting it all hang out. Sex was an important part of my marriage, and I feel that it is the same in all marriages.

I was a taxi cab driver for 9 years, and during that time I drove couples who were either encountering marital trials and strife, or who talked about it. At the same time I drove singles who were anticipating marriage as either something positive or negative. The scoffers would talk about the absurdity of having sex with the same person for the long duration of a marriage. While the supporters would congratulate you on your relational longevity and understand the secret. The secret is sex! Pure animal lust sex!

The problem is remembering the person that you originally courted, or in my case, took 4 years to coax into a date. As I said, the first time that I saw Kathy 48 years ago I fell in love with her. I have been a photographer my entire adult life, so I have kept a visual record of the things that were important to me the entire time. One of those things was my wife Kathy, whom I regularly photographed. I keep those photographs in front of me and look at them daily. Over the years and decades I have continued to photograph and look at the images that I’ve taken of my mate and, to me, there is no other woman that I would rather have than her. She is the love of my life and I could not imagine living without her.

Although marriage is a two-edged sword which has also caused pain and sacrifice, as goals and ambitions were given up for the sake of continuing the union. The proof of our continual love for each other and each other’s goals and ambitions, lies in the 7 children that we created through our union. On July 4, 2013, I will be 66 and my wife Kathy is 65, and the youngest of our 7 children is 22, while the youngest of my 4 grandchildren will be 1.

Benediction: May the Omni Being be with you and your essential energy flow, radiating into infinity.



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