Who Wants To Talk?

19 Sep


It’s been a year since my book, β€œJesus Rocks The World: The Definitive History of Contemporary Christian Music” was published. Since that time I’ve had some attention, but this is only the beginning. This book is but one of many that explains the philosophy and ideology of the late 20th century and the way that religion has evolved within and without Christianity in the USA. I have personally been part of this evolution as both a participant and observer, who has documented everything through my camera, written word, and memory.

People may agree or disagree with my findings, but they are there for all to see. This blog is but one aspect of my findings, that anyone may access and read, at no charge. At the same time, on occasion there have been individuals who have contacted me and communicated with me about what I believe and understand to be true, based on my findings thus far. I welcome this intercourse of ideas with others and am always open to communication. I am usually free to communicate with anyone interested in doing so on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week, by appointment, at no charge, in person, by telephone or email. Contact me if you want to talk about God, death, religion, and other unanswerable mysteries.

Email: fototune@comcast.net

Phone: (503) 363-0404


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