Carolyn Arends

11 Jun





The first time that I saw Carolyn Arrends was in 1996 when I was covering a Jefferson Starship concert in Portland, Oregon at the

Aladdin theater for a Deadhead publication called Duprees Diamond News. She was the opening act and I knew nothing about her, but

as soon as she began to perform I sensed something different about her music. By the lyrical content of the songs and the musical

presentation I concluded that she was a Christian and talked to her briefly during intermission before Jefferson Starship came on. My

suspicions were confirmed and I became a fan. Since that time she’s released 10 albums and written 3 books. At this time she is

working on a new project on Kickstarter to raise money to produce a Christmas album. Her official website is at :

and her kickstarter page is at:

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