Charlie Hebdo

7 JanΒ 
When I was an associate pastor at an inner city church in Los Angeles, California back in the 1970’s I read a magazine called the Wittenburg Door, that was the world’s only religious satire magazine. As time went on I left the ministry, became disillusioned and eventually became an associate editor for the Wittenburg Door by the end of the 20th century. The 10 years that I worked with it were some of my favorite as a freelance journalist. I got to interview and lampoon everything from Scientology, to the leader of β€œGod Hates Fags” Fred Phelps. We lampooned everything and there was nothing sacred to the magazine, but we killed you with laughter not bullets. My editor at the magazine was Robert Darden and he published this article in the Huffington Post that mirrors my feelings exactly about the Charlie Hebdo massacre.


One Response to “Charlie Hebdo”

  1. Phil Heading January 8, 2015 at 3:46 PM #

    When Jesus was here first time (?) he really took the mickey out of the establishment; the pompous and the proud. Many years ago the Christian church or at least enough of them to mark a day of the year as a feast / celebration day to emulate Jesus and his wry sense of humor. It’s called “All Fools” day. People were actually encouraged to make a joke of the church and its leadership; it’s plainly and simply a healthy activity to keep us all humble. Bring back “All Fools” day full on !!! Isn’t it crazy that terrorists run around screaming god is great thinking that they have to defend their god. The real God doesn’t need defending.

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