Martin Luther King, Jr.

20 Jan

Mavis Staples #1

Yesterday was the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. So, in keeping with it, I wanted to post something that was related. I may be a day late, but the entire week is a commemoration.

Mavis Staples #2 I photographed one of the most important musical contributors to the Civil Rights movement from the beginning, who was then but a teenager, Mavis Staples. She was the lead singer of her father’s family group, β€œThe Staple Singers.”

Mavis Staples #4 I shot these images of her around 2004 at the Aladdin theater, in Portland, Oregon. I ran into a DJ that I knew and met Mavis backstage and even had someone photograph me with her using my camera.

Mavis Staples #5 Over the years I’ve personally met a couple dozen rock stars and other famous people, but the thought never occurred to me to have my picture taken with them, because I was on assignment at the time and was trying to do my job as a freelance journalist.

Bob & Mavis


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