Fortney Road

12 Mar

Jesus Freak guitar

Fortney Road is a soon to be published book by Jeff C. Stevenson. Jeff contacted me and asked me to read an advance copy of his book and provide an endorsement that he could use for the book jacket. The reason why he asked me was because of the fact that the book is about a religious cult that had a successful Jesus music band called the β€œAll Saved Freak Band” and I wrote about them in my book β€œJesus Rocks The World.”

The leader of the cult is pastor Larry Hill, who was also a keyboard player and lead singer for the band. Glenn Schwartz became the lead guitarist for the band by the time that they began recording albums in 1973. Schwartz was a renowned blues guitarist from the Cleveland area who formed the James Gang in the late 1960’s. When he left the James Gang to play with Pacific Gas and Electric Company Joe Walsh took his place. Schwartz was in his prime as a guitar player and was considered the most impressive guitarist who played at the 1968 Miami Pop Festival. He was in the same class with, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. At the same time he preached to the crowd about Jesus from the stage to the embarrassment of his bandmates.

Soon after Glenn left the secular music world and joined a religious cult that included whippings for discipline. What began as a sincere effort to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ became a trap that some lost their lives in before escaping from, after a decade of abuse. Read more about it at Fortney Road: and buy the book when it come out. An article came out in Cleveland Scene about Glenn Schwartz and the book

Pacific Gas and Electric Company:

Glenn Schwartz:

All Saved Freak Band Utube cuts:


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