Black Gospel Restoration Project

29 Jan

Black Gospel 390


My friend and former editor Robert Darden is a professor of journalism at Baylor University. His love of Black Gospel music led him to write 3 books on Black Gospel music and begin the Black Gospel Restoration Project at Baylor University. The link to that is:

He was also the gospel music editor for Billboard magazine for a decade before he became the Senior Editor for the World Famous Religious Satire magazine, the Wittenburg Door.

Wittenburg Door292




I realize that some would consider being the editor of the Wittenburg Door as a step down from Billboard, but as a professor of journalism he used it to vet and develop religious satire writers and journalists who would then help infiltrate the Christian church with humor that would helpΒ expose hypocritical and mercenary ministers who fulfilled Jesus’sΒ warning about wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Black Gospel 391

Besides all that Robert Darden is a musician who understands his subject from a multitude of different angles that present themselvesΒ in his volumes of amazing gospel music stories.









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