Creating Photo Mosaics

12 Mar

Title of upcoming workshop: Creating Photo Mosaics

010 Grateful Dead Collage
By: Bob Gersztyn

1 Collage Rolling Stones
The workshop is conducted by Bob Gersztyn, who is a retired freelance photographer. Mr. Gersztyn has over 50,000 images in his archive ranging in subject matter from rock concerts, Native American pow wow’s and weddings to flowers, mountains and cityscapes. He has created hundred’s of collages over the past 4 decades. His current style evolved over that period until he developed the unique collage construction technique that he will teach in the class. He has sold his collages in gift shops and galleries like Made In Oregon and Bush Barn. Hundreds of Gersztyn’s photographs have been published in dozens of book, magazines, newspapers and electronic publications including Blues Review, Guitar Player, Jesus Rocks The World, LIVE Magazine, The Wittenburg Door and the Statesman Journal to name some.

3 Collage Bob Dylan
Students will construct a collage comprised of 9 or more photos that will fill a 16×20 outside perimeter. The style of the technique uses alternation raised and flush 2″ squares, giving the illussion of a 3 dimensional effect as well as that of movement. The mosaics constructed will consist of 48 – 2″ squares made up of cut up photographs and black core foam core. The 2″ squares alternate between being flush and raised the thickness of the foam core, creating a mosaic pattern. After the mosaic is completed, a front mat can be placed over it and the students will take their completed art home to frame if they so choose.

2 Collage Depech Mode
Household items to bring to class, if available (I will bring my own tools so that people can use them, if necessary.)
1. Utility razor knife.
2. 12″ Carpenter square.
3. 24″ metal straight edge.
4. Sharp lead pencil.
5. 10-20 small photograph prints measuring 4×6 inches or less that will be cut up for the collage (so don’t bring an original priceless print, bring a copy.)

5 Collagepowwow
The class will be offered in the Fall semester 2016 at Chemeketa community college here in Salem, Oregon.



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