Election Similarities

1 Apr

Election Similarities

By: Bob Gersztyn

. The 2016 presidential election campaign, is in full swing and many feel that it is the craziest election, ever. With Donald Trump pushing every hot button that he can find, from allowing non atomic nations to protect themselves by having nuclear weapons and forcing Mexico to pay for a wall at the U.S. border to Bernie Sanders promising everything free, through taxation, in an expanded manifestation of socialism, it seems a stark choice. Then there is Hilary Clinton, who may or may not be indicted for violating security laws concerning emailing top secret documents on her private server. Watching the Republican debates with 17 candidates to begin with became a reality TV show that resulted in the most watched television debates in television history.

If you live long enough and remember what happened as the years proceeded, you have a vast resource to draw on, and you can actually see history repeat itself, maybe not in every detail, but in enough areas to see some similarity. Back in 1968, on March 31, president Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) announced that he would not seek re-election, even though he was eligible for another 4 year term. So George McGovern and Robert Kennedy became the primary candidates, until Robert Kennedy was assassinated on June 5 and died the next day after winning the California primary.

At the same time Alabama governor George Wallace ran on the American Independent Party ticket, as an independent using segregation as his platform, in an attempt to reverse civil rights. He talked about many of the same issues that Trump uses today, like pulling troops out of Europe unless they pay more for our presence. His vice presidential running mate, retired air force general Curtis LeMay wanted to use nuclear weapons to end the war in Vietnam. He was even more controversial than Trump.

Then the entire Democrat party self destructed when the convention in Chicago was attended by an army of protesters comprised of Hippies, Yippies, Black Panthers and anti war advocates. Mayor Richard Daly, unleashed the Chicago police department on the protesters with orders to terrify, hurt and arrest as many of them as they could. All the above added up to victory for the Republican party candidate Richard Nixon, who defeated vice president Hubert Humphrey in November.

The difference between then and now is that the craziness is by the candidates themselves, because even if the Republicans self destruct, the Democrats have their own issues. Back in the 1960’s millions of young men were drafted into the army and many of them were shipped over to Vietnam, where 50,000 of them died trying to defeat the Communists of North Vietnam. Today we’re involved in an entirely different kind of war and with all the candidate craziness, there is a chance that we will elect the closest thing to a real Communist that has ever had a chance of being President. Capitalism and Communism have morphed into a brand of Socialism that is completely acceptable to many U.S. citizens, which may determine who our next President is.



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