Why I Didn’t Go To Woodstock

4 Jan


Why I Didn’t Go To Woodstock

By: Bob Gersztyn

By the summer

of 1969

Rock & roll

Came of age

And its fruition

Was fully manifested

To the world in general

As a valid art form

At the Woodstock

Music festival.

The reason for that of course

Was money.

If you can get

nearly half a million people

to endure a disaster that they created

Just for the sake of music

Then there is money to be made.

Since 1967

Freaks around the country

Had been creating

Their own entertainment industry

As the voice of their generation

And marketing it

Through music

On albums, radios and concerts

So, as money was generated

In new ways

So were new entrepreneurs.

Freaks in the US and

Western Europe

Began to create their own entertainment

Beginning with “Love Ins.”

From the first

Human Be In

Until Woodstock.

Since the title of this is

Why I didn’t go to Woodstock.

Let me tell you that

The reason why I didn’t go

Was because of a wedding.

Five months earlier

I had committed to

Being an usher

In a friend’s wedding

The same Saturday

As Woodstock

Before I even knew about it.

Some of my friends went

But I was committed

And besides

Rock & roll festivals

Were happening frequently

Since Monterey in “67.”

So, I’d make the next one

I figured

Just like the

Mt. Clemens Pop Festival

Or the Detroit

Rock & Roll Revival

Little did I know

It would be

As big as it was.

Which could be

Interpreted as a regret

However, without even realizing it

I replaced Woodstock

With something better.

I needed a date

For the wedding

And having exhausted my options

I drove to a

Former female co-workers house.

She wouldn’t go out with me

When we worked together

But I hadn’t seen her

For three years

And took a chance.

When she came to the door

She immediately recognized me

And said that she just

Dreamed about me.

So I asked her out

And she accepted.

That wedding date

Was the beginning of

A relationship

That turned into a

Love affair that

Resulted in marriage

On July 9, 1971.

So from August 11, 1969

Until we were

United in marriage

We attended concerts

And saw hundreds of artists

Including most of the acts

That played at Woodstock

But I wasn’t there.

And to this day

Don’t regret it.







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