Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown

24 Jan


Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown Concert Review

By: Bob Gersztyn

All Photography Copyright: Bob Gersztyn


Tyler Bryant and the The Shakedown Rocked the houseΒ in Peter’s Room at the Roseland Theater, in Portland, Oregon, Tuesday, January 29, 2013. The stage was pitch black as the band came out, with Caleb Crosby standing on top of his drum kit, as guitarist Graham Whitford took his place on the left and bassist Noah Denny stood on the right side, while Tyler BryantΒ appeared front and center with his Fender Stratocaster.Β  Crosby’s drum gymnastics ended as he jumped off his kit to take his place behind the drums with the silence broken by the sound of screaming guitars, as the band dove into β€œFool’s God,” the first song off Wild Child, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown’s 2013 release on Carved Records. Β The air raid siren sounding guitars soared into the stratosphere as the band dove into a total aural assault


β€œHi Portland,” Bryant announced and added, β€œwelcome to the show tonight,” as the sound of ringing guitar strings resonated on the Stratocaster that he held.

β€œYou never really tried.” He urged.

β€œCome on, Come on, I don’t know much about Portland, but we hear that you like rock & roll music. Come on, Come on,”Β  he screamed at the audience as he dove into a guitar attack with driving drums.


The Drummer was very dominant, to say the least. Then Bryant picked up resonator guitar andΒ  used a slide as he began a Southern BluesΒ number with driving drums and greeted the audience. β€œWe come from Nashville, Tennessee. We travel around the world, because we love playing rock & roll music. Then he talked about his dream as his guitar began to play louder and raunchier, while the bass guitar drove the beat.



I Already told this story once today, about how I met Graham Whitford in New York City and was told he would put me out of business, so I asked him to join my band. Then Whitford proceeded to shred his Gibson guitar, demonstrating his prowess on the ax. Drummer, Caleb Crosby got up from behind his kit and came forward with a large bass drum on a stand and played a drum solo on it. Tyler said that he was the only drummer he ever worked with, as Tyler sat behind the drums and played drums, as Crosby continued to play the bass drum, front and center stage. After a couple of minutes of loud and intense drum throbbing, Crosby set down the bass drum and with his drum sticks he jumped down off the stage into the audience who made room for him by creating a circle. He kneeled on the floor with the throng gathered around him, as he tapped out a beat on the floor. Then he brought the bass down and Tyler joined him on guitar as the crowd circled around and Graham Whitford and Noah Denny joined him on the edge of the stage. Tyler played guitar until the audience’s ears bled.


Tyler Bryant opened up for Jeff Beck at the Schnitzer, and they even played together. He explained how he broke a string on acoustic guitar that he was playing at the time, so he grabbed his Stratocastor and apologized to Beck, who just laughed. Then he introduced β€œWild Child,” the title song off his latest album.


This is how the story goes. This iss just a poor boys dream. Drum and bass began with a driving rhythm. If you want it hard driving guitar. From guitar to bass to drums. Tyler played his guitar with a soul retching rhythm. If you want it you got to go out and get it.

Bound & Shackled, a bluesy number. Drummer stood up again and beat bass drum then Tyler delicately fingered his guitar as he sang, β€œyou’re gonna die.” Tyler brought the house down.

Thank you so much we are Tyler Bryant and Shakedown. The drummer went nuts and the bass player poured water on his kit as it splashed around. Thanks for coming out to see us. Let’s go out with a bang. It sounded like Billy Idol’s White Wedding. Whitford took center stage with his Gibson as the rest of the band backed him up. The show ended with a grand finale and an extended outro of feedback.



Tyler Bryant – Vocal & Guitar

Caleb Crosby – Drums

Graham Whitford – Guitar

Noah Denney – bass


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