All The Way To L.A.

18 May

I-10 New Mexico

All The Way To L.A.

By: Bob Gersztyn

All Photography Copyright Bob Gersztyn

I Saw him doing dumbbell curls

With a couple of 55 pounders

On the side of the road

On Interstate 10

In the middle of

Nowhere, New Mexico

When I was hitch hiking

From El Paso to L.A.

On December 26, 1980.

My last ride

Was a Shoshone Comanche

That smoked pot

While he drove

And told me that he could

Get me a dime bag

Of some of the best

Heroin this side of the Rockies.

When I told him

That I had something

Better than heroin

He was all ears.

“Jesus” I told him

But his reaction

Was to come to

A complete stop

And ask me to get out

Which I did

Leaving me stranded

In the middle of nowhere

On Interstate 10

Halfway between

Texas and Arizona

In the center of

New Mexico.

I had a cardboard sign

That said L.A.,

Which was my destination.

I left my wife and 4 children

In a house

In the suburbs of

El Paso

With the rent paid

Until February.

How and why I was in El Paso

Is another story

For another day.

So here I was

With a cardboard sign

That said L.A.

And my suitcase with

Everything that I needed

To re-assimilate into

The L.A. basin

And I see this guy

Worrying about the diameter

Of his upper arm

Just outside of

A semi cab

Pulling a set of doubles.

“Hey iron man!

What’s happening?”

I blurted out

Without thinking.

My bicep is happening

Just look at the vein engorgement.

The conversation gradually transitioned

Into the subject of getting a ride

When Mr. Bicep

Whose name was Jim

Told me that I could ride with him

All the way to L.A..

Our trip consisted of

Diatribes about

The eminent Communist takeover.

He warned me in the

Sternest tone of voice

That they will fake defeat

Only to resurrect a generation later

When it’s too late.

I continued to politely listen

As he transitioned into

Multi-dimensional extra-terrestrial beings

Who are actually controlling

The entire human race.

We finally arrived

At my friends address

In North East L.A. around midnight.

Sandro Tartaglia and Alex Roberts

Were 2 of my friends

That shared an upper flat

And told me that

I could sleep on their couch

Until I got a job

And money to

Move the wife and kids

Back to L.A..

Los Angeles, California from the 6th Street overpass

The End


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