Wittenburg Door Interviews

12 Sep

51 Wittenburg Door291


Over the course of my life I’ve been influenced by reading interviews with famous people of all walks of life. Some of my favorite publications that featured interviews were Playboy, Rolling Stone and the Wittenburg Door. I began reading the Door in 1978 when I received a one year subscription as a birthday present from my friend and church secretary, Diana Hirter. After that I became addicted to the interviews, because they were always about religion with cutting edge Christian ministers, writers and sometimes musicians and at that time I was an assistant pastor at an inner city church in Los Angeles, California. By the late 1990’s I was a rock and roll journalist and sent my first interview with John Fahey, to the Door. They didn’t publish it, but did end up publishing dozens of other interviews that I did with them until they ceased publishing in 2008. There is a link to dozens of interviews that are still available online at the site, below. I interviewed a number of the people like Jars of Clay, Andrae` Crouch and Dennis McNally to name some. Check it out below.




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