The Transcendent Taxi Cab

21 Feb
Taxi Cab in Motion

The Transcendent Taxicab: In The Beginning

I drove a taxi cab on the night shift from 3:00 PM TO 3:00 AM three nights a week on weekends for nine years beginning on July 5, 2004. I just retired from the post office and wanted to work a few days a week doing something different. . It was a very enjoyable job that was sometimes surrealistic. Towards the end of my nine years my guts would be churning Friday as I prepared to got to work. I finally couldn’t take the insanity any more and quit after my last shift on St. Patricks Day in 2013. I wrote a journal the entire time and decided to turn my journal into a blog in December 2009 and did so for a year until December 2010. A year ago I published my blog in the form of a book on Smashwords which is also available at Barnes and Nobles.

Smashwords – The Transcendent Taxi Cab – a book by Bob Gersztyn

Taxi Cab Meter

The Transcendent Taxicab

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