Joanna Connor Is Chicago’s Queen of Blues Rock

25 Feb
Joanna Connor 2003 Portland Oregon

Perfect Sound Forever: Joanna Connor- queen of Chicago Blues Rock (

Joanna Connor was born in 1962 in Brooklyn, New York but was raised by her mother in Worchester, Massachusetts. When she was seven years old her mother gave her a guitar and she immediately began to play it. By the time that she was in junior high school she formed a band. The band went on a hippie cross country road trip and stopped in Chicago where Joanna was blown away. A few years later the impression motivated her enough to move to Chicago in 1984 when she was twenty-four. Her musical influences came from her mom’s jazz and blues records while at the same time she attended performances by artists like Ry Cooder, Buddy Guy, Taj Mahal and Bonnie Raitt. By 1985 she became a member of Dion Peyton and the “43rd Street Blues Band.” She shared the stage and received tips and encouragement from everyone from Buddy Guy, Larry McCray and Mike Wheeler to Junior Wells, Joe Bonamassa and Jimmy Page. She is a master of the slide guitar and uses her pinky finger for the slide which is a traditional technique employed by Robert Johnson to free up the fingers for complex picking when needed. In 1989 she released her first album Believe It on “Blind Pig Records.” Over the next three decades she released fourteen albums and in 2021 Joe Bonamassa produced her most recent one 2801South Indiana Avenue.

Perfect Sound Forever: Joanna Connor- queen of Chicago Blues Rock (

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