Derek Trucks

28 Feb
Derek Trucks 1999

Derek Trucks was born on June 8, 1979 in Jacksonville, Florida and is a nephew of the “Allman Brothers Band” founding drummer Butch Trucks. He began playing guitar when he was nine years old after picking up a guitar at a yard sale. His repertoire was inspired by guitarist Duane Allman, older blues artists like Howlin’ Wolf, jazz musicians and even Eastern Indian classical music. He started his first band “Derek and the Dominators” when he was twelve years old which became the “Derek Trucks Band” in 1997. Their eponymous first album was released the same year and in 1999 Out of Madness followed. The last year of the millennium was a busy one for Derek joined as he joined the “Allman Brothers Band” at the same time that he continued with his own band. He played with artists as varied as Bob Dylan, Stephen Stills and Joe Walsh and in 2006 he collaborated with Eric Clapton and JJ Cale on The Road To Escondido. After touring around the world as part of Eric Clapton’s band while still a member of the other two he performed at the 2007 “Crossroads Guitar Festival.” In 2007 Trucks combined his band with blues guitarist and singer Susan Tedeschi’s who he had been married to since 1999. In 2007 he was the youngest guitar player to be on Rolling Stones list of the top 100 guitar players. Over the decades he’s both released and collaborated on over forty albums including ten solo and four with the “Tedeschi Trucks Band.”

Derek Trucks – “Layla/Jam” July 4th 1993 – YouTube

Tedeschi Trucks Band 2019

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