6 Games and 2 Beers

25 Jan

Monday, April 15, 1968, 121 days.

Relaxing After the Duty Day

I slept like a rock and didn’t sleep light enough to enter a dream state. I finally got up at 0540 hrs. and I was tired as hell. After reveille I laid back down on my bunk and fell asleep until detail.  I’m still pissed off at Smart and won’t talk to him. I worked in the hallway and am the only one present.

I’m in one of my periods of depression again.  It’s times like these that you feel like going AWOL. It all started with Saturday’s bullshit. Fortunately it usually only lasts through the working day unless you’re on duty or get an extra duty detail, after the normal work day. Then the coup de grace was that episode with Sarah on Sunday morning; that must have been a hallucination.

Missing Mass on Sunday also bothers me a little. It’s like I still have this inclination to believe the rhetoric of religion, while at the same time seeing through all the bullshit as well as being a hypocrite for committing adultery. My curiosity of the spiritual realm was what drove me to try LSD in the first place.  Now I was a veteran, but wasn’t sure about what I’ve experienced.  It made me see life differently.  At times everything just got uglier, then at other times understanding and euphoric insights resulted.

I’m on the new duty roster three times this week, once for KP and twice for Standby Driver.  I got a letter from my sister Sharon and a card with $5.00 in it from Aunt Betty.  After lunch I laid down on my bunk and fell asleep, until I woke up with a start at about 1300 hrs. When I got out of bed, I felt tired as hell.  I dragged myself through the afternoon and sat in the mail room most of the time other than repairing the door hinge that I broke.  Top had so many reports to do that he didn’t have time to think about me, especially when he was breaking in a new battery clerk.

Tonight it’s my turn to bowl, because Lt. Colgate and Col. Majors are still off base, from the Martin Luther King riots. They’re probably involved in the mop up operation or evaluation of the entire deployment. We started an hour early because we were bowling six games to make up for missing last week.

Lt. Patrick and I were the only ones to show up at the bowling alley. We won 2 games and total pins on the first set of three and I shot a 483 series. When we began the second set we lost the first game by 4 pins. We won the second game by 3 pins and we ended up winning the last game and series. I enjoyed myself and shot a 566 series for the second set. Other than two beers, I was sober. Lt. Patrick drove me back to the barracks and I got to bed at around 2330 hrs.


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