Mexico is Where it’s At

14 Jun

US/Mexico Border 1968

Thursday, May 23, 1968, 83 days

Rublay woke me up at 1500 hrs., and asked me if I was going to sleep all day. The others were already up, and eating, My mind was a web work of visions merging into dreams about my very purpose of existence, or at least it seemed that way to me. Then we arrived at a large open area, with benches, and stumps to sit on. There was a large table full of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and rabbit. I ate voraciously, and drank a coffee like drink that they brewed in a large metal pot.

I went to the car and got my copy of “Good News For Modern Man” out and began reading the Gospel of John. Jesus is the vine. The Gospels are full of analogies that compare us to plants, animals and other parts of nature. Especially in the parables. How is this different from what I experienced with peyote, Mescaline and LSD? I understand my place in the context of nature and the world better than I ever have before because we are all intrinsically connected together on a cosmic sub atomic particle level. It’s as if all of existence is an infinite number of drawings on a cosmic sheet of paper.

Around 1700 everyone wanted to go swimming.There was a lagoon under the waterfall.  From this lagoon there were tributaries that irrigated the valley that the Hopi lived in.  The lagoon was about a half mile in diameter.  There were some canoes on it, with Indians spearing fish.  On the shore half naked women were washing clothes and naked children were playing, some in the water, and some on the shore. We had bathing suits in the car, so after putting them on, we dove into the water and swam around. This place was like paradise. 

After nightfall everyone sat around smoking pipes. Some of the pipes were full of tobacco, and some were filled with some of the most potent grass that I’ve had to date. Rublay smoked the tobacco, even though he didn’t smoke, but passed the pot to me.  After a few toaks, I began to hallucinate. They passed around cups of some sort of sweet fruit drink that tasted better than anything I’d ever had but that was probably because of the pot. We finally went to sleep sometime around Midnight.

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