Back to El Paso

15 Jun

Psychedelic Rock Band 1968

Friday, May 24, 1968, 82 Days

I woke up on my own at 0740 hrs. because I had to take a piss really bad.  Then I got dressed, washed up and started reading my New Testament again, until everyone else woke up. “Blessed are they who have not seen, but still believe.”  I read.

After we ate breakfast that was spread out on the same table that dinner was, we sat down with the Shaman, another man who the interpreter said was the chief, and the interpreter. The Shaman opened a wicker basket, that was full of flowering golden marijuana buds. 

“This is a kilo of Acapulco gold.”  The interpreter said.  “We will sell it to you for $100.00 American dollars. To outsiders it’s $200.00, but now you are our brothers.”

This was a better deal than we imagined, so we took the money that Larger, Farrer, Van Bueran and I had pooled together for that purpose. We took the door side panels off and after wrapping the buds in bags made from corn husks, with pockets of coffee beans, we put them inside both doors. By 1100 hrs. we were on our way back to El Paso, where we would spend the night before heading back to Ft. Sill, on Saturday. 

We made a couple of stops along the way to get gas and something to eat. We reached the border back into the USA, at 2100 hrs. After we showed the border guards our military ID’s they waved us right through without a problem. We stayed at the same cheap hotel that we had before, and hit the town for the night after we checked in.  It was definitely an army town, with Go Go dancer filled bars, pawn shops and droves of GI’s on a Friday night.

There was a concert going on at a transformed warehouse. The headline band was a Texas blues band called “American Blues”.  We brought a couple of joints of the Acapulco Gold, and smoked one in the car before we went in.  We were floating 10 feet off the ground.  There were a couple of other bands that played first, but they were just a blur.  The crowd was mixed, with Mexican and White civilians and GI’s.  All they sold were soft drinks, candy and popcorn.

The place held about 1000 people, and it was packed to the rafters.  It had been in the high 80’s during the day, and the unventilated building must have been 100 degrees with all the additional packed in close body heat.  People were sweating and both males and females began taking their tops off.

Someone was passing a joint around, so we lit up ours. By the time we were done “American Blues” came out and blew the crowd away. The half naked women gyrated, while sweat dripped from their chins onto their protruding breasts. The entire crowd formed an organism that became a gyrating amoeba, pulsating in time with the music.

After the concert ended at nearly 0100 hrs., we headed back to the hotel. I finally smoked my last Chesterfield and got to bed around 0200 hrs.

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