Communist Manifesto vs. U.S. Constitution

27 Jun

I’m an old man that will be 75 years old on July 4 and my life is a lens that my brain has recorded. Sometimes I write down observations of what I see and try to be objective but even when I’m subjective it will usually involve both sides of an issue. Today the subject is “Communism” and why we would consider replacing the “U.S. Constitution” with the “Communist Manifesto.” The first thing that you have to do is get a copy of both documents and study them carefully inspecting every word, comma and period.

When I was a seminary student back in the 1970’s and was taking a “Western Civilization” class the professor gave an assignment requiring students to write a 500 word paper on the historical person of their choice. Some students chose the apostle Paul or Julius Ceasar, others chose George Whitfield and Sister Aimee McPherson the founder of what is now “Life Pacific University.” 

When it was my turn to choose I chose Karl Marx. My instructor at the time was surprised by my choice and asked me for an explanation. I immediately told him that since “Communism” was the primary enemy of America and Christianity then we should know who our enemy is. He agreed but cautioned me not to become a Communist as a result of my research.

I have to confess that I continued to be a “Capitalist,” at least in concept but turned in my report after reading “The Communist Manifesto” and “Das Capitol.” I got an A for my paper and must still have it in my file from 1977 or 1978. Now I understand why I didn’t make it as a “Foursquare” minister. At this point in my life it seems like young people have been gradually duped into believing crazier and crazier ideas of what normal even is anymore.

It reminds me of what one of my teachers in 1975 said about how change occurs over a period of time. “It’s like a room that is all white” that someone want to paint jet black. The tool that they use is pop culture and music because it’s traditional to sell your soul to the Devil. An argument ensues and a compromise is arrived at where instead of black a light shade of gray is implemented. Five years later the same process occurred until today in 2022.

Today we live in “Bizarro Land” where you can’t even define what a female human being is anymore.  How does all of this jive with what is written in “The Communist Manifesto” and “Das Capital?” I dare any of you who question me to actually read them as I have and get back to me.

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