Psychedelic Jesus Freaks

10 Aug


We were making good time as we were coming to Seminole, when there was a man standing next to a car with the hood up. We pulled over, and asked him if he needed any help. He looked at us with a strange expression, and then said. “It is written, “the just shall live by faith.” 

“Faith in what?”  I asked.

“Jesus Christ, the savior of the world.”  He answered.

“It’s a Jesus Freak.”  Farrer said. 

“So what does faith have to do with whether you need help or not?”  I asked.

“Everything,” he answered. “The Lord told me that you were coming right after my car stopped running.”

We checked the obvious things, like, if there was gas in the tank and whether the battery had juice or not, but the problem seemed to be something beyond that. Maybe the fuel pump. We told him that we were heading to Ft. Sill, after finding a motel and spending the night in Lubbock. He said that he lived at a commune located between Brownfield and Lubbock, and that we were welcome to spend the night there at no charge. 

“We always provide hospitality for strangers.”  He said.  “The Lord commanded it in his word.  You might be angels.”

He said that his name was Ezekiel, and we squeezed him in the backseat.  It took nearly an hour to get to the commune, which was a large building that was divided into four parts.  Two separate living areas, one for males and one for females and children.  There was a kitchen and dining room area, and finally there was a large meeting area, that about 100 people could fit in, comfortably.

When we arrived at the commune, it was nearly 1630 hours.  Ezekiel brought us into the large barracks like living area for men.  There were a number of stripped down beds, and he told us that we could choose whichever one we wanted.  Then he brought us bedding, and said that dinner would be available in the dinning room. 

When we got to the dining room, they had corn bread and chile, with tea to drink. After we ate all that we wanted, we were ushered into the meeting room, where there were about 100 people already assembled.  Women, children, teenagers and adult men, of a variety of races, including Negroes, Oriental, Latin and White.  The age ranged from newborn, to their late twenties. On the raised platform was a bearded man with shoulder length locks of wavy brown hair. He was wearing a pair of faded blue jeans, a black Nehru shirt, and cowboy boots. He looked to in his early thirties, and his name was Rev. Trevor Netzreg. 

He looked at us and said.  “Blessed are those who come in the name of the Lord.” Then he said, “the Lord has given gifts to all men. Blessed are those who discover and develop theirs for his kingdom. Then he stepped aside, as a young man of about 20 came on stage with an acoustic guitar, and stepped up to the microphone. It was Ezekiel, the same guy that we gave a ride. He was wearing a similar attire to Rev. Netzreg, except he had a light blue Nehru shirt.

“Hallelluia!”  He called out, and the congregation responded with – “Praise the Lord!”

Then he started singing:

“Yahweh!  Yahweh Elohim!  King of the universe!

He always existed, even before time began.

Created the universe, earth and man.

After the fall he sent his son,

who conquered death for everyone.”

“Yahweh!  Yahweh Elohim!  King of the universe!

The apostles were twelve and then there was Saul.

On the road to Damascus Jesus called him Paul.

Luke featured him in Acts, and he wrote his letters,

While sitting in Rome wearing fetters.”

“Yahweh!  Yahweh Elohim!  King of the universe!

The book of Revelation predicts the end.

Where it pays in the long run to be God’s friend.

The mark of the beast and the anti-Christ too,

End up in the lake of fire before it’s through.”

“Yahweh!  Yahweh Elohim!  King of the universe!

While the Lord has tarried for two millenium,

Theologians have all become born again.

Starting with Clement, Origen and Augustine,

The mantle was passed to a future then unseen.”

“Yahweh!  Yahweh Elohim!  King of the universe!

Today we stand before an open door,

Whose entrance reveals the holy score,

That the prophets of old spoke forth in God’s word.

To a nation of stubborn backsliders that never heard.

“Yahweh!  Yahweh Elohim!  King of the universe!

We will always love you, yes we will.

We will always see you, on the hill.

Bind our hearts with your loving kindness.

Until we drop dead and leave this mess.

“Yahweh!  Yahweh Elohim!  King of the universe!”

“Yahweh!  Yahweh Elohim!  King of the universe!”

“Yahweh!  Yahweh Elohim!  King of the universe!”

“Yahweh!  Yahweh Elohim!  King of the universe!”

“Yahweh!  Yahweh Elohim!  King of the universe!”

The song had one of the most beautifully haunting melody that I’d ever heard. I was transfixed by it. Then Ezekiel stepped aside as Rev. Netzreg came back out and started talking. “On this Hallowed evening of the Sabbath we prepare ourselves to go back out into the world of daily toil, but first let us listen to God’s word again.” 

Then he lifted a Black book that I assumed was the Bible into the air, and held it high while he prayed. “Holy Father, Holy Son and Holy Spirit, the almighty triune, our rock and fortress that is three in one. The one who is three and can cut through iron bars and unlock the treasures of darkness hidden behind brass doors. We come before you with open ears. Please manifest your word to them through your servant, who is your conduit.”

Ezekiel picked up a lectern that was at the back of the stage, and brought it to the front to Rev. Netzreg, who placed his Bible on it.  Then he opened it, as Ezekiel sat in a chair, behind him, and began speaking.

“This evening as we prepare for the Lord’s work in this coming week, we will be building our spirits with Paul’s words to the Romans,”  Rev. Netzreg said.  “Turn with me in your copies of God’s Holy word to the book of Romans, verse one, chapter one.”

Then he read.  “Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God.

“Brethren!”  He said with a tone of voice, that communicated a great deal of affection, for his audience. “The epistle to the Romans begins with the writers name, Paul. Formerly Saul of Tarsus, according to biographical information provided by a Greek physician named Luke, in the book of Acts. Paul was a first century equivalent of a Madison Avenue marketing genius, who was eventually able to eclipse the then popular mystery religions of that day, with Christianity. Some of the most prominent mystery religions, of the 1st and 2nd century CE Roman Empire, were Mithraism, Serapism and Magna Mater worship. They involved a theological system that included resurrection, virgin birth, being born again, and cleansing by bathing in blood. The thing that set Christianity apart from the other mystery religions was its non-exclusiveness. It was open to the entire population, irregardless of race, social status or sex.”

“You see.”  He said. “The Roman empire was filled with foreigners, both freemen and slaves, males and females, adults and children. All of the existing popular religions at that time had exorbitant initiation fees and dues, and were exclusive to free adult males.”

“Paul calls himself a servant.  In the Greek it’s the word doulos, meaning a slave. So he was a slave of Jesus Christ, but at the same time he had a destiny, and being Jesus’s slave helped him to achieve his destiny. Paul’s destiny was being a messenger for Christ just like Hermes, Mercury or Tiu were for their respective supreme deities, Zeus, Jupiter, and Woden. The Greek word apostolos literally means one sent out with a message, and this letter is about that message.”

“Being separated or set apart for a particular purpose is a recurring theme in the New Testament. That purpose is always the same. It centers around something called “The Gospel of God.” In other places it’s called “The Good News of the Kingdom.”  Whatever it’s called, one thing is for sure, it’s “Good News,” because it’s the key to transcendence. Not just a mystical transcendence, but one having practical application in the material world.”

“Today, at the end of the 6th decade of the 20th century, we see our culture experiencing a religious awakening, through the use of ancient mystical drugs, some of which our scientists have artificially produced in their laboratories.  Through these drugs, participants are experiencing a dimension of reality that they never knew existed before.  My question is – is this new reality of God or of the Devil?”

“The answer to that, I think can be found in the end product that the participants manifest. Most of you here today, have tried to experience some sort of heavenly religious or mystical experience, through the use of mind altering drugs but failed to achieve it. In fact some of you experienced the exact opposite, finding yourselves plunged into the depths of hell itself. Where the mind is, the heart shall follow.”

“Verse two.”  He said and then read.  “Which he promised beforehand through his prophets in the holy scriptures,”

“God promised the Good News a long time ago.  All you have to do is read the holy writings that the prophets left.  Nearly all religions have some form of holy writings, from the Hindu Upanishads, to the Islamic Qur`an.  The Hebrew TeNaKh, which later became the Christian Old Testament, was ratified, as being the authorized Hebrew scriptures, by the council of Jamnia, between 90 – 100 AD.  The TeNaKh was accepted by the Christian Church, which it later added to the 27 books of the New Testament that it chose out of hundreds that existed.”

“The funny thing is, censorship existed in the church even then. It was in the 2nd century that the Roman faction of the Christian church started eliminating the opposition. They did so by, banning, burning and condemning the scriptures that didn’t present their version of Christianity. Books like the “Gospel of Thomas” and the “Hypostasis of the Archons” disappeared everywhere that the Roman faction gained control.”

“Verse three.”  He continued –  “The gospel concerning His Son, who was descended from David according to the flesh.”

“The key to enter the kingdom is the person of Jesus Christ, so the good news is also about him. According to the scriptures, he’s a direct descendent of David, the second, and greatest king of Israel. The same king who in 1000 BC brought Israel out of the bronze age, and into the iron age, where it established itself as an independent kingdom. The ties of this lineage are through the genetic posterity of the flesh.”

“It was this same David who thwarted the first invasion of the Greeks in the second millennium BC. We all know that the Sea People who conquered the Mycenaea and Minoan civilizations, also integrated with them, and after 700 years of incubation, the Classical Greeks appeared, ushering in Hellenism.”

“The story of David and Goliath is an allegory for this turn around.”  Then he continued, “The Sea People were Goliath, after obtaining the secret of iron from the Hittites. They would have conquered the Egyptians as well, except for fate. The same fate that placed them on the Western shores of Palestine, as the Hyksos fled Egypt from the South Western desert.”

“This descendent of David was the designated, destined and predicted “Son of God.”  Besides being a descendent of Israel’s greatest king, He was also a direct descendent of the deity. This designation was declared in power. The Greek word, which is translated as power, in this passage, is ‘dunamei’, which contains the root word for English words, like dynamite, dynamic and dynamo. This is the kind of power that has its source in the divine transcendent realm. It is beyond human ability or comprehension.”

“Most people can’t comprehend power of this magnitude. That’s why mind expanding drugs like LSD, Mescaline, Psilocybin, DMT, STP and marijuana are gifts of God, for the masses to experience transcendence. Sure you could wait on the Lord for 10 years, or go learn to meditate in a cave somewhere, there is even fasting, sleep deprivation and other ways to experience transcendence, but first the appetite must be whetted for a sincere interest to manifest itself, and then have follow through.”

“So here we are now in this age of instant entertainment on what some would call the “Devil Box,” even our food is of an instant nature, so why not our transcendence? After taking over 300 psychedelic journey’s I could never return to the mundane reality of thinking that this was all that there was. So I opened myself up to the Lord and It revealed Itself to me in a vision. As It will to all of you if you ask It to.  The proof of that power can be found in Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead.”

“The name Jesus, is the English translation of the Greek Iesous, which is the translation of the Hebrew Yeshua, which in turn is translated as Joshua in English.  Jesus was a common name among the Jews in the first century AD, about as common as being named Joe or Bob in the USA during the 20th century.  AD means ‘Anno Domini’, a Latin phrase translated as ‘Year of our Lord’ but the secular world prefers to use CE representing the “Common Era.

“All names have meanings, and Jesus, like Joshua literally meant, ‘God is salvation.’ The common feeling among the Jews, at that time, was that they needed a savior, or leader, who would free them from the yoke of Rome, so they could regain their place as an independent nation.” 

“The most popular form of government in the 1st century AD world was a monarchy.  Although both Greece and Rome existed as a Democracy or Republic, that was no longer the case. Ever since Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon, in 49 BC or BCE, the Emperor has ruled an empire. The Jews longed for a theocratic Monarchy, so it was logical that popular sentiment should lean towards bestowing the title of Lord or King on their personal choice, who would be Moses, Joshua and David all rolled up in one.”

Then he paused for a minute and said. “Hallelluia! Praise God! Look at what’s coming next, in verse five – through whom we have received grace and apostleship to bring about the obedience of faith for the sake of his name among all the nations,

“Jesus Christ, who is both the key and the door, as well as the conduit, by which the believer has received grace. Grace comes from the Greek word ‘charis’. ‘Charis’ is translated a number of ways in different passages, some of which are: acceptable, benefit, favour, gift, grace, gracious, joy, liberality, pleasure, thank, thanks, and thankworthy.  The dozen English words translated from “charis” are all attitudes or conditions of a positive nature.”

“Sometimes we don’t recognize charis when it occurs.  One snowy November morning, the Monday before Thanksgiving Day, I was awakened at approximately 4:00 AM, by loud banging and voices. I was living in an upper flat, in Buffalo, New York, and got out of bed to see what was going on. As I looked out of the front living room window, I saw that it had snowed, and orange light was reflecting off the white blanket. My first thought was that the family who lived below me had a party that was just breaking up, and a surge of anger flashed, since I had to get up for work in another hour. I went back to bed, and tried to fall back asleep, but the noise started again. I got up and walked over to the only entrance/exit to my flat, in the living room, and opened the door. The passageway leading down and out was enveloped in flames, and I realized that I had to get out of there.”

“I immediately ran down the fifteen steps and hit the wall, which I couldn’t see, in the smoke and flames. Instinctively I made a right hand turn, to enter the foyer, where the outside door was, and turned left to exit the building. As I came out on the porch, and ran down the steps to the ground, I turned to look at the house.  It was completely enveloped in flames. Then I noticed a car that was running in front of the burning house.  It contained the Father, mother, and two teenage daughters who lived below me. As I stood in front of it, I realized that I was stark naked, since I wasn’t wearing underwear at the time.”  

“The mother opened her door and handed me a blanket, which I wrapped around myself.  Then she invited me into the car with them. As we sat there looking at the inferno I realized that I was in pain. When I ran through the flames and into the wall I burned my left arm, face and back. By the time the fire department arrived, the pain was so great, that I got out of the car, and applied snow to my burns, to cool them. Soon an ambulance arrived, and I was taken to the hospital, where I was treated for 1st and 2nd degree burns.” 

“After a couple of weeks my burns healed and I salvaged my belongings. I never saw the family again that lived below me to thank them for waking me and saving my life, but as time went on I realized that what I experienced that morning was “charis.”

Then he said, “Let us pray.  Heavenly Wholly Other, Omniscient entity who’s energy field illuminates all of existence, grant us transcendence today, as we come before you in all humility and obedience to your word.” 

When he was done he looked up, and Ezekiel came forward and began playing his guitar while Rev. Netzreg invited everyone to come forward for prayer and the filling of the Holy Spirit. Without hesitation I walked forward and was the first in line for Rev. Netzreg to pray for. He anointed my forehead with oil and as it dripped down my chin, he laid his hands on me and prayed. It felt as if a red hot sledgehammer hit me directly on top of my head, as I collapsed to the floor. When I regained consciousness my head was in the lap of a young woman in a flowered dress, and blond hair. Her head was turned up and she was speaking in a language that I didn’t understand. When she saw that I was conscious she spoke to me in English.  “Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for the great work which He has done here today.”

I sat up and looked at her.  She was beautiful, as she raised her hands in the air and began speaking in some foreign language again. “Coudalwvaganay sheendwana evegadga imprcario bleshingadwa is what it sounded like. Some people were singing in other foreign languages, and I suddenly felt a joy in my heart that was unexpressible. I raised my hands in the air and began weeping, as words started flowing out of my mouth.

“Hopamakinday brookanda makinday empagozma preznakina evenbrishka sempakindlay.”  I heard myself speaking.  The words flowed out of my mouth without me even thinking about what I was saying. Each word made me feel more ecstatic than the last. I saw others dancing and crying. One young man was running up and down the aisles, while some rolled on the floors, laughing hysterically.

The meeting ended by 2100 hrs., and we found out that they went to bed at 2200 hrs., because they got up at 0500 to start their work day, and Sunday was a regular work day to these Sabbath keepers. We decided that we would try to get an early start tomorrow morning, so we turned in with them.

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