45 Seconds

21 Sep

77 Foot Blade on I-84 Idaho

My wife and I went on a 1500 mile round trip from Salem, Oregon to Pocatello, Idaho and back. During the six days of travel from our home to first Caldwell, then Twin Falls and finally Pocatello, Idaho we noticed a plethora of trucks carrying 77 foot wind turbine blades that were probably produced at the Portland, Oregon  Vesta plant. I timed the intervals and it averaged one every 15 minutes for the days that we were traveling. I used my stop watch to time the intervals and would photograph each truck as it approached in the opposite direction of the 80 mph I-84 and I-86 in South West Idaho.

Wind Farm in North East Oregon 2022

At the same time I noticed a proliferation of erected and functioning wind turbines in North East Oregon as we gained site of the Columbia River. It was the previous April of 2022 that we drove the same route. The augmentation of the units was apparent and could be now be called a forest.

Solar Farm in Eastern Oregon 2022

The second prong of the alternative energy program is solar energy. We only saw one solar farm shortly after we crossed the Idaho border back into Oregon. I recently watch a TV program that documented tests done on the dependability of solar and wind power. The conclusion was that if you shut off every other means of  energy including nuclear, hydro, coal, petroleum, natural gas etc. and depended on only solar and wind it would power the national power grid for 45 seconds.

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