The cover of Jesus Rocks The World:
The Definitive History of Contemporary Christian Music, Volume 1.

As long as there has been rock and roll music there have been rock and roll converts and rock and roll Christians, from Cliff Richards and Bob Dylan to Chuck Girard and Brian β€œHead” Welch.Β  The list is long. The following is the story of how the genre known as Jesus Music developed, became Contemporary Christian Music, and eventually evolved into a billion dollar a year industry.

Jesus Rocks The World is a two-volume work of how rock and roll infiltrated the Protestant church, and in some cases even the Roman Catholic Church, beginning in the 1960s. It connects the church in that time period to the history surrounding it.Β  It also demonstrates how the emergence of the secular counter culture and its exploration of the inner world through mind expanding drugs and religious curiosity, laid the ground work for the harvest of youth that became the Jesus Movement during the 1970s. It explains how the Baby Boomer generation through contemporary music transformed the then stagnant and dead American church into something that became vibrant and alive.

(From the Introduction, Volume 1 of Jesus Rocks The World.)


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Cris Wyly June 30, 2013 at 6:26 PM #

    You’re an interesting guy, but of course we have a lot in common, such as Oregon. I graduated from Linfield College up the road from you in McMinnville, a great place to watch an entertaining college football game for cheap and an amazing venue for a small college.

    In fact it was at Linfield where God got my attention and totally transformed my life, though I have had my struggles spiritually. Two great books to read: John Buyan’s β€œGrace Abounding To The Chief Of Sinners” pretty much tells my story of the type of stress and oppression I have gone through. Another good book is β€œWar On The Saints” buy Jessie Penn Lewis. A hard read, not for everybody, but great for those who need it.

    It was at Linfield that I was first intoduced to CCM type music in 1973. Larry Norman was great as was Daniel Amos. I used to have one of the biggest CCM vinyl collections, because I used to buy everything that was released and then some. I even had Phil Keaggy’s β€œGlass Harp” secular album. Whatever happened to Richie Furay? I finally had to put my albums in storage cause I couldn’t keep hauling them around with my nomadic lifestyle.

    I never really liked Keith Green. I figured out long ago that he an Armenian who believes he can lose his salvation…..how sad. But fortunately for him, he did believe in Jesus. The churches are full of that kind of thinking, as I have struggled with that issue quite often myself.

    I am also a video producer and recently returned from 10 years in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia working at a TV station. You can see some of my work at the website I listed for you. I produce Mongolia’s first Christian music video. Even my outspoken athiest sister in law liked it. Maybe because the lyrics were all in Mongolian. Lol

    I also have some very unique nomad video, the sort of which I’ve never seen anything similar on American TV when watching a program about Mongolia. I used a music bite from Pink Floyd on one segment. It matches the mood and composition perfectly, if I say so myself. I also used a cut from Michael W. Smith’s instrumental album.

    Here is an excellent website called theshovel.net This sites refreshing voice, Jim Minker, teaches the Bible soley in context and sees Jesus as the answer to every question and issue in our lives. You’ll see no β€œstatement of faith” on his website, but you find it in his teachings, that have helped change me for the better.

    Joe Walsh’s β€œSmoke You….” album and Yes were two of my favorite secular artists. Now I get a lot of pleasure out of listening to β€œIona” with the volume up loud. Just like Larry Norman would have it. Oh yeah, I did have his β€œOh so long ago in the Garden” album. That was awesome.

    The strange thing is that I don’t listen to much music at all nowadays, even though I love it. I guess I am just to busy trying to survive. I spend most of my time looking for full time work, as I’ve been out of the video field ever since returning from Mongolia going on almost three years now.

    Well I’ve probably run-on long enough, but I really do believe you’ll find some of my Mongolian videos interesting. Check it out.

    Cris Wyly

    PS If I get back to Linfield to see a football game…which I do whenever possible, I’d love to get together with you.

    • jesusrockstheworld July 2, 2013 at 12:22 PM #

      What is the website address for your video? It’s not in your message.


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