Top 10 Elvis Presley Songs

3 Nov

The article about Elvis Presley’s Top 10 Songs is looking at it from a blues rock perspective.

Pink Floyd Music

1 Nov

Pink Floyd released “Ummagumma” a double album in November 1969. I had already attended one of their concerts in Sacramento, California a year earlier in August 1968. At the time the hippie counter-culture was in full swing and psychedelic drugs like LSD and mescaline were readily available. Pink Floyd became one of my favorite artists to listen to when I was tripping. One time when I was acting as a guide for a friend who took a heavy dose of LSD I was playing albums for his trip. After he came down and was coherent enough to talk he described an album that upset him. It ended up being Pink Floyd’s “Ummagumma” that he claimed gave him visions of monsters. By the time that “Dark Side of the Moon” was released four years later in 1973 with the help of Alan Parsons they released a breakthrough commercial album that was chart topping and sold 45,000,000 copies worldwide.

The Legend of Spirit

31 Oct

Spirit at the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach, California in 1976 with Randy California, Ed Cassidy and Fuzzy Knight

Spirit no longer exists but it did for a 30 year period from 1967 to 1997. It formed in Los Angeles, California with Ed (Cass) Cassidy on drums, lead guitarist an vocals Randy (Wolfe) California, bass player Mark Andes, John Locke on keyboards and Jay Ferguson on lead vocals. Drummer Ed Cassidy was in his mid forties at the time and all the other were teenagers. Ed married lead guitarist Randy’s mother and she convinced Cassidy to help Randy and his band the “Red Roosters” in a battle of the band’s contest which they won. Afterward Cassidy had a gig in New York City and Randy was fifteen. Randy ran into Jimi Hendrix at Manny’s Music City and joined his then band, Jimi James and the Blueflames. Hendrix had two Randy’s in the band so he name them after the states that they grew up in Texas and California.

After Jimi left for England Randy and his family moved back to California and reformed the Red Roosters and changed the name to “Spirit” shortened from the original name which was the 1963 book on new thought called “Spirits In Rebellion” in 1967. The band was signed to the “Ode” record label and released their self-titled debut in 1967. The album had an ecological theme with the lead song “Fresh Garbage” which questions what happens to all the garbage that humanity creates. The album also included “Taurus” and instrumental that has the same chord progression that “Led Zeppelin” used for “Stairway to Heaven.” Coincidentally Spirit opened for “Led Zeppelin” on its initial US tour as the New Yardbirds.

The original five man band released five albums before they broke up in 1971. After that Randy and Cass were the only remaining core members as different configurations of the band continued until Randy drowned in 1997 trying to rescue his son from an undertow in Hawaii. Cass continued a Spirit tribute band until his death in 2012.

The Rotary Connection

28 Oct

I learned about the “Rotary Connection” the same way that I learned about many of the artists that I purchased albums of or saw in concert. It was through WABX Detroit, Michigan’s first underground radio station when I got out of the army in 1968. After hearing their version of the “Rolling Stones’” song “Lady Jane” I purchased two of their albums. The first was their eponymous album that had “Lady Jane” on it and the second was called “Peace.” “Peace” was a Christmas album but the song executions were anything but normal. Think Jimi Hendrix and the “Star Spangled Banner.”

Minnie Riperton was one of the lead singers with her amazing five octave voice. They were the band that backed Muddy Waters on his psychedelic “Electric Mud” album that he only sang on. The “Rotary Connection” performed the first officially sanctioned Catholic “Rock Mass” in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1969. The links that are below are of five songs. The first three are different versions of “Silent Night” from the “Peace” album. The second is of the “Rolling Stones” “Lady Jane” and “Creams” “Sunshine of Your Love.” Silent Night #1 Silent Night #2 Silent Night #3 Lady Jane   Sunshine of Your Love

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Nobody’s Fool Album Review

27 Oct

Arbor Creek: Album Review

25 Oct

The Fugs Part 2

24 Oct

The Fugs sang about Nihilism Nothing – YouTube  and the futility of life The Fugs – Wide Wide River – YouTube  and getting high to cope with it The Fugs – Marijuana – YouTube  When I became a Jesus Freak in 1971 I destroyed all their albums since they were they were obviously not contributing towards my Christian life. Over time I slowly began to listen to them again when I would run across them in record bins and other people’s record collection. Fifty years later I see them as having a timeless message, especially in light of the political turmoil that the country and world is currently going through. “CIA Man” is a case in point CIA Man – YouTube

NEW YORK – JUNE 1965: Rock group The Fugs (Peter Stampfel, Tuli Kupferberg, Ken Weaver, Ed Sanders, Steve Weber) pose for a portrait in June, 1965 in New York City, New York. (Photo by David Gahr/Getty Images)

The Fugs Part 1

22 Oct

I first discovered the Fugs one day after I was discharged from the army in August 1968 and returned to my home in Warren, Michigan. I was listening to our local underground radio station WABX when they played “Kill For Peace” The Fugs – Kill For Peace – YouTube by the Fugs. I went to Montgomery Wards department store and when I looked at their selection of record albums I found the most recent Fugs album “It Crawled Into My Hand Honest” but it didn’t contain “Kill For Peace,” instead it had another great song called “Johnny Pissoff Meets the Red Angel. The Fugs – Johnny Pissoff Meets the Red Angel – YouTube

John Fusco: Borderlands Review

20 Oct

John Fusco is a film creator having racked up nearly twenty successful films beginning with “Crossroads” in 1986. He’s also been seriously persuing music and recorded three albums over the past five years. This is a link to a review of his most recent, “Borderlands.”

Grand Funk Railroad Concert Review

18 Oct

Don Brewer September 14, 2022

This is a link to my published review of Grand Funk Railroad’s concert in Blues Rock Review.

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