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Third Eye Blind

16 Sep

Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind DSC_0942 copyright

By: Bob Gersztyn

Rocking Guitars DSC_0127 Rocking Guitars copyright

β€œThird Eye Blind” formed in 1993 and snagged a phenomenal record deal in 1996. In 1997 after signing what was reported as being one of the biggest unsigned artist record deals in music history they released their eponymous album β€œThird Eye Blind,” which went platinum 6 times. The album had 5 radio hits and they appeared on β€œSaturday Night Live” and toured as an opening act for U2 on their β€œPopMart” tour. Over the decades band personnel has changed and the current lineup includes 2 original members, lead singer/rhythm guitar/songwriter/producer, Stephen Jenkins and drummer Brad Hargreaves. The rest of the band includes Kryz Reid on lead guitar, Alex Le Cavalier bass guitar and Alex Koop playing both keyboards and guitar and everyone assisting on vocals. Over the decades they’ve released 5 studio albums, a compilation album, 3 EP’s and have an unreleased album.

Z DSC_0015 Copyright

I had the opportunity to cover the concert for a couple of publications and these are some of the shots that I took of the concert, that happened on Thursday August 31, 2017 at the Oregon State Fair in L. B. Day Amphitheater, in Salem, Oregon. It was a great concert with a 90 minute set that covered material from the first album in 1997 to material off their current 7 song EP, We Are Drugs. This was one of the last shows from their “Summer God’s” tour, celebrating the 20 year anniversary release of their first eponymous album.

Stephen Jenkins DSC_0902 Copyright

The set consisted of 19 songs, including “Weightless,” “Company of Strangers,” “Horror Show,” “Wounded,” “Simi Charmed Kind of Life,” “Dopamine,” “Crystal Baller,”Β “Back 2 Zero,” “Motorcycle Drive By,” ” Slow Motion,” “Deep Inside of You,” “Rites of Passage,” “Never Let You Go,” “In the Fade,” “Thanks a Lot,” “Jumper,” Something in You” and “How’s it Going to Be.” The concert was high energy and audience engaging with Stephen Jenkins continually talking to the audience telling them how they just flew in and that the show was unstructured and people could just call out what they wanted to hear, which people did. Not knowing what to expect from the restructured band I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the show immensely.

Stephen Jenkins DSC_0046 copyright

Photoshop DSC_0868 copyright

Photoshop DSC_0850


How Music Transforms the World

30 Aug

B Church In The Park Los Angeles, 1978 copyright

How Music Transforms the World

By: Bob Gersztryn

When I was writing β€œJesus Rocks The World” I used many illustrations to demonstrate how music carries the message that transforms societies and civilization itself. The examples that I first used were religious and specifically Christian in conjunction with the β€œJesus movement” in the Western world during the early 1970’s. By the time that I was finishing the book in 2011 the β€œArab Spring” was happening in Egypt, with protesters using rap music in Arabic giving a first hand account of politics being communicated through music. The example that I included today is a β€œPink Floyd” cover band, in Mongolia, called β€œShar Airag” playing to a huge crowd. Music and art not only reflects reality but it transforms it.


Ty Curtis Performance

27 Aug

Ty Curtis 0216 copyright

Ty Curtis 0085 copyright

Herbal Grasslands 0062 copyright

Solar Eclipse Collage

24 Aug

After experimenting with collages made up of the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, in Salem, Oregon, I came up with this composite. Send a cashiers check or money order to Bob Gersztyn; P. O. Box 13663; Salem, Oregon, 97309. An 8×10 is $30.00 and a 16×20 is $90.00 and shipping is free.

Perfect Eclips Collage 4x5 Copyright

The Actual Eclipse

21 Aug

Today, at 10:17 AM, Pacific time we had a total solar eclipse for nearly 2 minutes. I shot a few hundred images during the event and decided to post a collage that I made. These were taken in South Salem, Oregon. Β Email me at if you would like to purchase a limited edition 8×10 for $30.00 or a 16 x 20 for $90.00Β  including shipping. All prints are signed by the photographer.Solar Eclipse Perfect Collage #1 Copyright

Anticipation For the Solar Eclipse

16 Aug

Anticipation For the Solar Eclipse

By: Bob Gersztyn

All Photographs copyright Bob Gersztyn

All these photographs were taken in Salem, Oregon, USA on the dates indicated.

2007Lunar Ecliopse and stars 16x20

Lunar Eclipse 2007

2007Lunar Ecliopse and stars 8x10

Lunar Eclipse 2007

DSC_0030 crop

Sunset August 10, 2017

Blood moon 0241 600mm

Blood red full moon August 9, 2017

Blues Traveler Concert and Interview

7 Aug

On Wednesday, July 26, 2017, in Salem, Oregon, the same place that will host the total eclipse of the sun on August 21, Blues Traveler performed a concert. I reviewed it for “Blues Rock Review” the online publication that I write and photograph concerts for. These are some of the photos that I took along with links to the concert review and an interview that I did with Chan Kinchla the lead guitarist of “Blues Traveler.”

Blues Traveler 0703 copyright

Chan Kinchla 0714

Blues Traveler 0980 b&w copyright

Blues Traveler 0984 copyright

Brendon Hill 0034 Copyright

Ben Wilson 0825 copyright.jpg

The Trio 0900 copyright

John Popper 0788 copyright