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Waterfront Blues Festival 2018 Review

18 Jul

McKinley Moore DSC_0686 reduced

McKinley Moore

From July 4-7, 2018 Portland, Oregon’s Waterfront Blues Festival took place. This is the link to the review I wrote about it in “Blues Rock Review.” There were nearly 150 acts that performed in 4 days.

The Revivalists DSC_0901 reduced

The Revivalists



Billy Bob Thornton & the Boxmasters

13 Jul



On Wednesday, July 11, 2018, Billy Bob Thornton and the Boxmasters played a show in Salem, Oregon, at Riverfront park for their July Summer concert series. This is a link to my published photos in Vortex Magazine.




Howlin Rain

28 Jun

My review of the “Howlin Rain” show in Portland was published by “Blues Rock Review” atย


My photos of “Howlin Rain” were published in “Vortex” magazine’s online site atย

Check them out and hit the like button if you do.

Waterfront Blues Festival Interview

22 Jun

I interviewed Peter Dammann, the artistic director and the guy who basically calls the shots for the Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland, Oregon over the July 4, weekend for the past 31 years. The interview was published on Blues Rock Review and this is the link.

Peter Dammon 2014 DSC_0005 copyright

โ€œSleep Millenniumโ€ Concert Review: Let Us Begin the Future

6 Jun

DSC_0472 Josh Schroeder copyright

On Saturday, May 26, 2018 Northwest psychedelic rock band โ€œSleep Millenniumโ€ played an album release show at Ventiโ€™s Cafรฉ & Basement Bar in downtown, Salem, Oregon. The concert featured their debut concept album release Let Us Begin the Future, which was the result of a five year labor of love. Their set began with three songs from their previously released EP and included โ€œSky is Zero,โ€ a guitar driven ethereal number that led into โ€œChangingโ€ and โ€œMy Mistake.โ€

โ€œSleep Millenniumโ€ is a quintet of talented musicians led by song writer, guitarist and lead singer Josh Schroeder. The rest of the band is comprised of multi talented keyboard, guitar and vocal artist Miranda Vettrus, along with Ronan Baker who also contributes guitar and vocals. The rhythm section is made up of veteran bass player Jarred Venti and drummer Joshua Hawkins, both of whom also contribute vocals to complete the bands chorale harmonics.
โ€œSleep Cycling,โ€ opened the full performance of Let Us Begin the Future, their new full album release with vocal harmonics floating over the mystical sounds of guitars and keyboards, followed by โ€œDimension,โ€ with Schroeder singing in a voice reminiscent of Oasisโ€™s Noel Gallagher,
โ€œSometimes I get lonely
Like I was born in the wrong generationโ€ฆโ€




DSC_0585 sleep millennium copyright
Then the guitars came in and the song gained a driving rhythm as the band jammed relentlessly, until the sound faded into โ€œGreat Unwashed,โ€ with its throbbing rhythm as Baker sang,
โ€œThey donโ€™t own me,
We are the great unwashed you seeโ€ฆโ€
The band projects a surrealistic vision as multi colored flashing images were projected on them as they performed. โ€œFranfalloonโ€ began with group humming that sounds like an old spiritual, until Vettrus began singing in an angelic voice, until she was joined in the call and response by the others band members singing the chorus. โ€œLa, da, da, da, da, da, la, da, da, daโ€ฆโ€ โ€œMachineโ€ began with a slow throbbing beat with tinkling keys until Vettrus began singing with both a plaintiff and alluring voice, with keyboards fading out in the end. Once again the guitars take over as Schroeder sings โ€œEdge of the Rings,โ€ which is one of the hardest rocking songs from the album and gave Schroeder, Baker and Vettrus the opportunity for a total guitar assault. Hawkins and Venti provided a driving rhythm, for the guitar trio to provide catchy riffโ€™s with enigmatic lyrics.
โ€œHeard the toll of the silent bell
Awaken me from the prison cell
Pulling me from the jaws of hell
Iโ€™m gone, Iโ€™m gone, Iโ€™m goneโ€ฆโ€
โ€œFlight to the Blood Moonโ€ once again had group singing with Schroeder singing lead to Ventiโ€™s heavy thumping bass in an anthem sounding composition, until Vettrus begins rocking out to a driving melody as her voice soared. โ€œCogsโ€ and โ€œRed Fire Girlโ€ blended together and Miranda once again sang lead in her sulky voice, โ€œRed Fire Girl, Making my worldโ€ฆ.โ€


The show concluded with the remainder of the cuts from Let Us Begin the Future, which included โ€œDead Seconds,โ€ โ€œInspiration,โ€ โ€œSalvation,โ€ โ€œSleep Cyclingโ€ and โ€œLet Us Begin the Future, as Schroeder, Vettrus and Baker manipulated the sound of their guitars and keyboard through various electronic devices that would have Jimi Hendrix drooling. The sound is more Pink Floyd than Hendrix, but nevertheless he was a master sound manipulator that helped introduce the music world to the present future.


By: Bob Gersztyn


DSC_0668 sleep millennium copyright

As the Crow Flies Concert Review

22 May

marcus king DSC_0058 reduced

Marcus King of “As the Crow Flies.”

“As the Crow Flies” concert review in “Blues Rock Review.”

Stormy Daniels

1 May

I was working on a new class that I will be teaching in the fall, titled “The Photographer As Historian.” Part of the class is going out and shooting historical images and bringing them back to class for critique. Signs, billboards and marques communicate items that date a time period. Like Stormy Daniels and the second year of the Trump administration.

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DSC_0874 Reduced

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